The Weekend Job Search, You Are Doing It All Wrong!

This how you spend your weekend looking for a new job as you desperately manage a career in transition? Before you start pushing the 'Easy Apply' button you need to be thinking about 5 things first ......

1) Slow down, plan and prep.

2) Write, produce, direct and star in "My Career, the Movie"

3) Build a career pyramid.

4) Enlist help, people WANT to help you!

5) Quality matters.

As a mid-career professional in transition, I learned that a strategy, thoughtful preparation, and solid execution are keys to success. Being impulsive and ill-prepared nearly always result in two things:

A) Your search/transition will take twice as long, or

B) You accept the wrong role at the wrong company with the wrong culture.

Check out this article titled "Success! 5 Things Critical To Finding Your Next Career Opportunity" before you make another "Easy Apply" click:

Photo cred: The MBAR Group | TalentBlvd

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