Age Is Just A Number, Part II

Consistency is so important, it's a critical component to maintaining high performance. Being at the top of your game in your career requires discipline both mentally and physically. Today's #tbt is about consistency.

Fifteen years ago I ran my first Olympic distance triathlon. I had quit a 20 yr 2-pack a day smoking habit a year earlier and trained for six months. I finished a respectable top 25% percentile for my age group. This morning's run 15 years later was nearly the exact same mile times as that July day in 2002.

So much has changed around me. Two moves, eight jobs, four companies later there are only two things that have remained the same. Specifically, family and my faith in my ability to physically deliver at a high performing level continue to be at the core of my career successes.

Today's challenge is to throw back to that day you were at the top of your game either physically or mentally and build a plan to claw your way back.

As posted yesterday: a great #tbt George Eliot quote "it's never too late to be what you might have been"

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