Dumbed Down, Lazy, and Narcissistic

Smart, hard working, and humble. Patrick Lencioni wrote that these are three of the desired attributes of extraordinary leaders. On this Monday morning I'm afraid we are failing on all three .......

Our use of social media is having a profound impact on our ability to become leaders of people, thought, and content. Let's start with the easy one, humility. The best illustration of epic fail I've seen to date is the new IG feature "ask me a question". Clearly Facebook and IG get it. The more they let you focus on you, the more popular the feature.

Next, I frequently find myself mindlessly scrolling down my Facebook or Twitter feed, know the feeling right? The fact that I used the term 'mindlessly' says a lot. Worse yet, we are comparing our lives to others based on largely embellished and reality bending posts and images.

Finally, we are getting what we now call 'news' from logarithmic feeds driven by repeated behavioral patterns on Facebook and other social media platforms.

#MondayMotivation challenge ..... post some original content that doesn't look inward but adds insight and value. If it doesn't hit the mark the first time, keep with it, don't give up! It's not easy to make a difference, it's hard work to be an extraordinary leader.

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