3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You Are Making Right Now!

Another week, another seven days deeper into the hole you are digging for yourself. We should be focused on the design, development, and management of your career, not repairing it.

How is it that we are trained to develop and retain audience but once we open up our social media we lose our minds?

Specifically, we:

1. "It's all about Me Me Me"

2. Not looking outside the Industry

3. Failure to develop a Brand

Think about:

1. Doing a 'self audit'. Look through your last 2 weeks of posts on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. How many of the posts are about; your clothes, your makeup, your food, your mood? If you are a 28 yr old woman, you know who is following/interacting these posts right?

2. Target an industry/genre that interests you - maybe a non-profit/cause, electronics, fashion, autos, etc. and connect with 3-5 influential people in those industries every week. Build a base beyond your gf's who reply "gorg" "hottie" "dope" etc.

3. Start posting original content. Who are you and what are your interests (other than your makeup or shoes)? Project yourself forward "if I wasn't doing this I'd like to be a ....." Start creating a foundation for your next chapter because you will have a next chapter (maybe at the end of THIS contract).

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