Yes, Sometimes It Is Greener On The Other Side

Yep, sometimes the other side is greener but if you never cross the 5th Ave in your career how would you know? Everyday you wait, the avenue can get wider, with more traffic, making it more treacherous to cross.

Some of us never cross. Others (me included) have played "Frogger" many times in our career. What is important is not how many times you create change and explore opportunities but that you are prepared to do so when it's time to go.

Change doesn't have to be a 'all or nothing' proposition. Just this week we built a three-pronged approach for a morning news anchor in transition. We have recently done the same with a retail executive, a software engineer, and a physician. In all cases, one of their options included doubling-down within their current industry because the timing isn't always right.

Here's your checklist if you are considering a change/industry change. The four critical elements to successfully crossing:

1. Timing

2. Skills

3. Packaging

4. Desire

Check out a recent article titled "Career Trouble. It Starts As A Ripple" on creating options in your career path, including a hustle:

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