Hey News Director, The Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here!

Hey News Director, The Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here!

Management, News Directors and Talent Acquisition should stop looking for a unicorn and take care of the talent they have right now. Churn is the enemy yet few outside of HR are focused on retaining talent.

We fall victim to 'the grass is always greener' syndrome. We discount our people and elevate others we know little about. Our first reaction to poor performance is to blame execution. We change sales managers or talent / anchors / reporters / producers before we take a hard look at strategy (lack thereof) or format.

It's easy to find organizations that focus on their people and talent development before we ever accept that job offer. Instead of being blinded by status/title and salary / compensation, think about looking at an org differently.

When you are in an interview and the interviewer turns to you and asks the obligatory question "so Susie/Sam, do you have any questions?" Use this opportunity to learn about the culture.

"So Mr/Ms Smith, do you do employee engagement or satisfaction surveys? Could you share with me the biggest takeaway from the most recent one?

Not an easy question to ask but it just might be the most important interview question you, a recruiter, or your agent has never asked.

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