You Can Be A Better Storyteller .......

Considering you tell stories for a living, you kinda suck a little bit at telling your own. Just saying when you are 'thin sliced' in a 3 second first impression followed by a one minute intro, you've gotta crush it. How?

The 3 second 'thin slicing' is how scientists define your first impression. Its all image - clothes, hair, posture, but most importantly, your facial impression.

WARNING: You aren't going to like this ... 8 things people decide in their thin slice of you:

Now, the one minute intro ......

"Hi Susan, my name is Mike McNamara and I'm a C-Suite level executive with 20 years experience in six different industries. I excel at breaking down really complex ideas and strategies into actionable piece and communicating them from the backroom to the boardroom. Today, I'm entertaining opportunities for career and talent management engagements, executive coaching, and consultation in corporate growth strategies."

See the 3 pieces? 1) who you are 2) what you do 3) where you're headed. Check out this article on topic for more info about crafting your own:

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