Social Media Hacks for the Multimedia Pro and Marketing Manager

It seems intuitive but even my most diligent multimedia clients mess up their social media feeds and lose opportunities because they forget the basics. It's important to start with the acknowledgement of a couple things:

First, you must control the adrenaline rush of an event or an experience and stop to properly merchandise your content. Ready, Aim, Shoot!

Next, we too closely tie our identity and personal worth to our feed and the resulting audience interaction. Typically we look at quantity, not quality.

There are four things that need to be top of mind as you manage your social media profiles and feeds across all your platforms. Specifically:

  1. Pro's and Con's of buying followers, likes, retweets.

  2. Merchandising content is sometimes more important than the content itself.

  3. How to stretch a single post to reach 3 completely different audiences.

  4. The right way to use # (hashtags) and @ (profiles) designations.

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