Managing Your Career Takes Courage, Not Ego!

"It will be necessary to move laterally or step back to get ahead at least once in your career. There is no shame in doing this. This is mission, it takes courage not ego."

Your social media feed is not your reality .....

You need to turn off your social media feeds if you can't separate your career plan and success from what your peers, former classmates, and friends are posting. The fact that Susie Turner jumped to market No. 6 is completely irrelevant to your career. So, Sam Taylor is the youngest VP in company history, that isn't going to get you there without grit and perseverance.

Run YOUR race. Moving down market or laterally to get into a different space for long term opportunity and experience can make a HUGE difference 10 years from now in terms of trajectory.

Being at a share leader in a well run smaller company or market could be a game changer for you. Moving 'up' into an impending disaster does you little or no good other than a learning opportunity on what not to do again.

Be courageous, have a plan, adjust as you go, be the director of your own career movie.

Today's #mondaymotivation and it's take from "A Father's Career Advice to His Sons". Find the entire article at:

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