Age is just a Number

Age is just a Number.

We frequently focus on the wrong things as we look for answers when we struggle in our careers, especially when we are in transition. We often turn our attention to the elements that we have little or no control over because it's the easiest way to deflect accountability and responsibility.

We can become distracted by the noise, not the cause. In this case the noise can be simple demographics - gender, race, orientation, or many times we point to our age.

There are 3 ways to minimize the impact of age in your career development and transition.

1. Self awareness is critical. There's a lot more going on other than age

2. Opportunity comes from your fiscal maturity. You need to have choices

3. Understand and communicate your unique value proposition

Wait, I bet you think this is about late career professionals. Wrong. Ask any millennial that feels they have been passed up for a role because of lack of experience or generalizations/labels unfairly attached to their age.

Being timeless, whether you are a boomer or millennial should be goal in the development and management of our career. You can find more on topic from this March five minute read:

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