Career Reinvention: You vs the World

Your reputation is like a shadow and sometimes course correction is necessary to adjust the shade your reputation casts. Unfortunately, this change is evolutionary, it happens slowly. It can feel like it's you against the world forever.

It couldn't be more true than after you've had some type of highly visible (and probably well documented) faux pas in social media, on live television, or in the office during an important event or large meeting.

Sometimes your career stalls because that position or promotion you were promised never happens. It's even more difficult to change your course and reputation when you've done nothing catastrophic other than being guilty of spending too much time in the same role and industry for what seems like for…..ever.

The important thing about reinvention is that it depends on your ability to learn from experience, in particular to understand your role in your current circumstances. In other words, it starts with owning it.

The successful reinvention has three critical pieces: acknowledgement, acceptance, and action.

Learn more about career reinvention from this Oct 2018 article "Today is Day One: Your Reinvention" found on TalentBlvd's Community Site

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