Dream Big + Effort = Unparalleled Results

“I like to just think of myself as a normal person who just has a passion, has a goal and a dream and goes out and does it ....... I can’t remember the last day I didn’t train.” Michael Phelps

Most of us have big dreams but we never act on them or we give up too easily. Some put a lot of effort towards being the best but don't dream or reach beyond their comfort zone. Many are most comfortable following and staying within the herd. There is however a very special place that only a few ever reach where their efforts are commensurate with their dreams.

Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history for a reason. The next closest has 14 Gold Medals LESS than he won. Big dreams + incredible effort = unparalleled results.

The questions for the day. Are we dreaming BIG enough? Are we giving in when we should be challenging? Are we willing to sell out to make it happen?

Listen, there is not a damn thing wrong with putting worth your best effort, regardless of your dreams. There is greatness in Ben and Jerry's vanilla but it's definitely not 'half baked' or "Cherry Garcia' either.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be Timeless.

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