Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown

Study: Women CEOs are more likely to face termination than men.

We aren't investing in change that is sustainable. We aren't preparing women to hold the office and more importantly, we aren't preparing stakeholders to recognize and appreciate the value of diversity in critical leadership positions in today's multi-generational and multi-ethnic organizations.

Leadership should reflect the organization it represents and audience/client it targets. We all have been in misalignment companies and some of us have seen it lead to catastrophic results. I had spent time with a large multi-national corp where Caucasian men 50 to 70 years old held 90% of the board and leadership positions. The predisposed blinders that they wore were a contributing factor to one of the most apocalyptic corporate events in the last 10 years.

It's time to stop talking about it and to start doing it, AND we need to build not for today, but the future organization.

Two years ago I formed an Advisory Board to direct my consulting practice. One of our target markets is media/journalism professionals. I looked at graduating classes at Columbia and Medill and saw an ethnically diverse population that is nearly 70% female. Guess the make-up of the Board? It's not perfect. We struggle .... but it's time.

See CW Headley article: "Study: Women CEOs are more likely to face termination than men"


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