Celebrate your 'brokeness', be a Legend!

We should celebrate our imperfections because it's our 'brokeness' that differentiates and actually increases the equity of our brand. It's your pursuit of perfection that is creating the largest blind spots in your career.

My imperfections are many but I have found none to be fatal. The broken seams are literally a career road map. I now recognize that there are four things you MUST do to leverage imperfection and create an opportunity to thrive.

1. Recognize the need to make mistakes, tweak and take action. I've been told I have a great sense of timing. Nope, just the recognition that opportunity is the convergence of timing AND execution.

2. Be accountable for where we find ourselves. It's not a manager, a peer, or the company. WE are responsible for our position and circumstances.

3. Be able to forgive/forget yourself and move beyond. The final step in any successful change initiative is an event or threshold crossed. Your ability to move on and get beyond is that threshold.

4. Finally, find a thought partner, mentor or coach with qualities that include: ability to forgive, aptitude for teaching/coaching, and will get all-in with you.

#TalentBlvd #WednesdayWisdom: Enjoy this ride that has no end until the last breath. Go ahead, be a legend!

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