Did You Miss Your Wake-Up Call This Week?

"Middle age is when you're sitting at home on a Saturday night and the phone rings and you hope it isn't for you."

Did you miss your wake-up call this week because you are afraid to answer the call?

We get 'middle aged' in our career and we become so risk adverse. We've accepted and adopted a career that we know is not a fit - role/responsibilities, company culture, work environment, ethically, even morally. We hear that nagging little voice that says it's time to move on but we have become "middle aged".

Move the career ball forward next week, start planning it this weekend. Here are five simple ideas to get change rolling:

1. Learn to build your own web site, not recreate Amazon but maybe one personal page.

2. Attend a meeting outside of work as a networking opportunity, maybe an association luncheon, city council meeting.

3. Be intentional, connect with 5 people on LinkedIn from an industry you aren't in but you find very interesting.

4. Post an article on LinkedIn of original content, a lesson learned or an interesting experience.

5. What, you don;t have time? Deactivate your Facebook or IG account for 7 days, you will survive and get 5-6 hours over the week to focus on YOU.

#weekendvibes #fbf quote: Ogden Nash

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