It's the weekend, you made it! The struggle is very 'reel'.

It's the weekend, you made it! The struggle is very 'reel'. You are 100% committed to developing your craft and you are in your dream job but it's at the wrong place. What's holding you back from moving up?

I've found six common things across clients and my own 30 years of experience that hold professionals back from making that next move up in their career.

In summary:

1. Your public presentation / social media

2. Compensation expectations

3. Entitlement

4. Lack of network

5. Skills are not transferable

6. Industry in rapid decline

Look, resumes, reels and the interview are critical and must be spot on but it's these other areas that may be keeping you from landing that next gig. Let's rely on a heightened sense of self-awareness, adjust and crush it!

Here's your Saturday / Sunday morning wake up call reading: "6 Reasons You Are Virtually Unemployable":

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