"Give the girl a fish and she'll say 'yuck'. Teach the girl to fish and she'll have a new place to shop." This came from Pastor Dinah Haag's sermon a couple weeks ago. Couldn't help but think that learning to 'fish' in your career and where to shop are incredibly important if you want to avoid the 'yuck'

Two or three times a week I connect with professionals that are literally stuck with the 'yucky' fish that they 'won' through an agent or someone in their limited network. Now they recognize they must move and shop for a new role but they don't know how.

There is right way to manage a career in transition and it's best summed up in 4 steps:

1. Understand your timing. What's your horizon? How long can you mentally or financially spend in transition? Hint: build a nest egg now!

2. Slow down and get prepped before approaching the market. Elevator pitch, resume, reel, LinkedIn profile, social media need to stand tall.

3. Build your support network, personally and professionally. This is important to develop scale and scoop in your search as well as the skills you'll need to be successful.

4. Get gritty. Develop tough skin. Realize that rejection IS ONE OF YOUR GOALS! If you aren't facing challenges, you aren't stretching. This is how we learn, develop.

Summary, learn to fish for your next opportunity and you'll have unlimited lifetime shopping.


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