Stop Living In Your Own Private Idaho

Do you see exploration and opportunity or caution and anxiety? Your career is full of hidden driveways and in the end your biggest regret will likely be you didn't explore more of them.

It's important to start with a simple understanding that for those of us that are very risk adverse, exploration doesn't have to be fatal. In fact, exploration leads to where you actually have strong competencies ..... decision making.

You know that role you have always wanted? Well it's not coming to you. You must begin to explore your path to it and it might include a number of hidden driveways along the way. You'll be presented with many decision points during your journey and listen, you can't turn down an opportunity you've never been presented.

It's time to stop living in your own Private Idaho.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be Timeless.

#WednesdayWisdom cred: Wilson / Schneider / Pierson / Strickland / Wilson (B-52's)

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