Opportunity comes with a 2:00 am wake-up call

Listen, timing can be everything. Very early Weds morning before a holiday when many of their friends are going to bed, these three millennial Anchors / Reporters / MMJ's are getting out of bed full of ambition.

They know that their success is based on on their ability to take a window of opportunity and leverage it for everything it's worth. These are not faces of someone complaining about going to bed before 7pm after a 4pm dinner on a Tues night.

Cory Stark, Marissa Hollowed and Alyssa Toomey are faces of determination, they strive to better hone their craft at the most ungodly and unnatural of hours AND they do it LIVE in front of thousands. They do it on less sleep, for less money than most think, for a career with much less shelf life than just about everyone other than professional athletes.

On a Weds morning at 5am they are counting on the right people watching that can be influential in their career and be willing to take a chance on them, moving them up market.

The lesson for us in this is that we need to get out of a 9 to 5 comfort zone, to leverage every window of opportunity. We can complain about many things in the course of our work life but we should never complain about a chance, even if it does come in the form of a 2am Weds morning wake-up call.

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