Manager vs Leader: The Difference

Ever work for a punitive manager that lived to correct, critique, and capitalize? The company culture dictated that you were measured to finite, static, and arbitrary goals that 'People Strategies' defined as Performance Management?

Ever work for a leader that asked you to stretch and encouraged you to push yourself without fear of failure? The company culture recognized effort and ingenuity not a number the CEO/CFO had to hit to make EPS and maximize their long-term incentives?

I've worked as an associate in both situations. I've been the manager/leader in both situations. Whether you lead or follow, you have the ability to change your outlook and outcomes.

It's not always easy to leave the financial comforts that can be driven by toxicity, but if you find yourself working for a 'manager' do you have any other choice? Great career and talent management requires planning and execution.

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