Passion, Purpose, Perseverance. Unstoppable

This is a story about passion, purpose, and perseverance. "Nothing, not now, nope, nah, no, no, no" Time after time doors were closed and opportunities given to others. He never backed down, never gave-in, he just reached higher.

He was told his content wasn't current. He went out and shot his own stand-ups after work and on weekends.

He was told his reel and resume weren't good enough. He hired a designer to help reconstruct his demo reel.

He was told his delivery needed work. He hired an amazing on-camera presentation coach named Katy Temple.

He wasn't just trying to hire or buy his way in, he was listening, practicing, and working twice as hard as his peers just to get to the same place.

He has amazing passion for his craft. He lives, breathes, and eats sports. We recently got together for lunch, I found we were talking about the 2002 Detroit Red Wings within 10 minutes, go figure.

He approaches his career journey with purpose. He is intentional, he closes gaps, he welcomes opportunities for improvement.

He persevered. When he's told "no", he hears "work harder" even if it means he tends bar on weekends to make ends meet. He is a terrific role model for anyone unhappy, unfulfilled, or reaching higher.

This is a story about Bejoy Joseph. Bravo brother!

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