The Three Shared Habits of the Successful and Self-Fulfilled

Thoughts lead to action, action leads to habit, habit leads to destiny. The most successful people you know live by their habits. I write habitually every morning before 6:00 am and in the summer I'm fortunate to do it here.

Yesterday as I put together my thoughts about the most successful and self-fulfilled leaders I've known across my career, it was clear that they had a similar line of thought that resulted in action and three shared habits:

1. They fed their mind and their curiosity. They consumed information. They are ferocious readers; Bible, business, history, sports, fashion, current events.

2. They carved out time to nurture their body and soul. They were in the gym, on the road, practicing yoga, etc.

3. They made opportunities to do a daily brain dump; writing for business or pleasure, maintaining a journal, standing coffee meetings. They captured their thoughts, organize them, pressure tested them daily.

Important takeaway: We shouldn't be filling our calendars beyond 80% capacity. We need time to feed our curiosity and mind, nurture our health and well-being, and do a brain dump in some organized fashion to challenge our mental acuity.

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