Ambition and your Recipe for High Performance!

Welcome back! This Monday morning is flat out savage. Nobody knows this better than those making doughnuts or bringing us the morning news. Setting an alarm at 12:45 am might be the most unnatural thing ever.

Ambition is an amazing thing. It needs little sleep. It takes advantage of opportunity 24/7. It doesn't care that you're in Colorado Springs CO, Richmond, VA, or Grand Rapids, MI. It burns as bright in Waco TX as it does in New York City.

There are three important things to never lose sight of for those that are blinded with ambition:

1. Always be humble. Give thanks. This day, no matter how difficult it can get, is a gift.

2. Be gracious. This morning you may find yourself on the way up but recognize that one day it will be you "on the way down" in your career.

3. Garbage in, garbage out. You need to fuel high performance. Sustainable pace is everything.

Today's #MondayMotivation is a quick read on creating the recipe to maintain high performance in your career and hopefully never see burnout despite the insane demands of your role/position:

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