Minimizing Age In Your Career.

It's a hiring strategy in many industries. In highly visible positions (broadcast TV news) every passing day can feel like the career hour glass. As we look for answers, we tend to focus on the systematic industry practices.

These practices that propelled us at 25 (we called it 'opportunity' then) are working against us at 55 (now it's discrimination). It's not new right? In '89, 40 yr old mother of 3 Jane Pauley was replaced with 30 yr old Deborah Norville.

Gender/age discrimination existed when we started our career and it's only slightly morphed over the past 30 yrs. It's still very wrong but management and audience demand continue to perpetuate the practice.

There are 3 ways to minimize the impact of age in your career transition:

1. Self awareness of your value is critical. Those aren't wrinkles. That's valuable experience and brand equity.

2. Future opportunity comes from your fiscal maturity. You don't need the newest iPhone. You don't need commitments, you need flexibility. You need a plan for this day.

3. THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. If you can't tell your story, people don't hear your value, they see wrinkles.

If you are on the other side of Young Hot and Cheap, see "Age is just a Number" for more detail on minimizing your age:

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