Embrace The Suck

Career paths are not clean. They get messy. The most rewarding require a tremendous amount of grit and perseverance. Many times you simply must be tough minded and 'embrace the suck'.

We've all seen the articles that encourage us to leave a company or a boss that is a stickler for the clock, doesn't appreciate us or give us room to be creative. Frankly, there are a myriad of reasons that we become unhappy and as an author or career coach, it's real easy to tell someone to leave a job.

Here's the deal. That author or coach isn't the one paying your mortgage, car lease, or buying your family groceries. Sometimes you have just got to embrace suck.

Look, it rarely lasts long. Average tenure is less than 4 years. There is a tremendous amount of churn and that means change. Your lens needs to focus on experience and long term opportunity not that your boss harps on you about being 10 mins late.

I love the article "How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable (According to a Green Beret)" by Chris Dessi. Chris outlines the 7 ways that the toughest in the world, Green Beret Jason Van Camp, gets comfortable being uncomfortable. Find it here: https://lnkd.in/eBh2bYc


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