Fueling Your Career, Living Like Coal

For most of us, a candle is a decorative accessory in our lives. They are beautiful, fragrant, and light up a room. When neglected or no longer needed, they are easily extinguished by a breeze or one's breath.

Candles burn from the outside-in.

Coal on the other hand is dirty, messy, smoky. It's not an accessory, it's essential. Every piece is jagged, broken, authentic, original. A breeze or your breath doesn't extinguish coal, it fuels it and burns hotter.

Coal burns from the inside-out.

Is your career like coal, messy and being fueled from the authenticity inside, by your passions, skills, experience, and opportunities ahead?

Are you managing your career like a candle, neat and mostly decorative, driven by outside influences like social media? Winds of change aren't fueling you, they are extinguishing your opportunities.

If you find that you aren't being driven and fueled by your interests and passion, I strongly suggest exploring a side hustle that does. Forming a LLC can be done inexpensively ($100) and online in most states.

Check out this TalentBlvd.com post on the topic and find a CNBC link on how to protect your hustle ..... https://lnkd.in/e74E88J

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