Hustle is Life

Ten years ago it wasn't called a hustle. It was an intuition that change was imminent in my career and a passion to help people and organizations. 10 years ago today,

The MBAR Group was formed. Even though I had a successful business career spanning 25 years, I knew little about running a consulting firm, career coaching or talent management. In order to gain experience, I started working pro bono.

For the next seven years, I worked evenings and weekends without compensation. I found myself gravitating to industries that are in complete upheaval; automotive, financial services, healthcare, education, retail and media/entertainment. I discovered I thrive with things that are complicated, fluid, messy.

No matter the engagement, the greatest rewards come from listening to people articulate their big audacious hairy goals and then watching them work their butt off to accomplish them. My dream and vision became a self-sustaining Talent Management organization and in 2016, TalentBlvd was born.

The takeaway is this, your dream can turn into a hustle. A hustle can turn into a business. A business can be a gateway to living your passion and it's living your passion that changes it from making a living to actually making a life.

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