YOU need to be Working at your Work!

These are 2016 quotes from industry publications about the outlook of journalism, specially TV News as a career. In the last 3 years, data tells us pay has gotten flatter not fatter and competition for open opportunities even more intense.

Well, that's depressing. Now what? The reality is that although shrinking, there is still plenty of opportunity to have a rewarding career and make a comfortable living.

The company has hired a talent development consultant to help with presentation skills. BUT, they work for the company, report back to the company, get paid by the company. They are branding the company.

The talent agent is working hard to find a great role. BUT, they get paid when there is churn. They are counting on you to stay on with them and renew or possibly move up market but how's THAT gonna happen?

YOU are the only one responsible for your career and trajectory. You MUST continue to push your own skill development and more importantly, your brand and differentiation.

You need to be constantly working on your work.

Check out a couple quick reads that might help:

TV News: The Future of the MMJ:

10 Signs Your Going to be Sold, What Next?:

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