Are You Likable?

When I have a client heading to an interview and there is one final coaching moment, I remind them to be 'likable' and it's not as easy as this seemingly common sense advice sounds.

The stress of a station or site visit can throw us off our game. We over focus on content, making sure we can answer every possible behavioral question that could be asked. We forget that our ability to assimilate and interact with staff, clients, or draw audience is ultimately going to be factored into your hiring decision.

This likability quotation can also be applied to your use of social media and your online presence. One of the greatest disappointments I face as a talent manager is my clients use of the 'f' word (or derivatives of it) or publicly shaming clients, audience, or former employers that they feel have done them wrong.

I'm convinced that we could all learn from talent like Kim Quintero. Her presence across multimedia platforms could be a role model for all, delicately managing the personal and professional.

She is blessed with an amazing on-camera presence that defines 'likability' but also professionalism. I'm absolutely sure like the rest of us she's had bad days but I've never seen one.

All up-and-coming professionals and journalist take note. That's how it's done.

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