Hey, The Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here!

Hey Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, VP/GM, News Director, the unicorn you're looking for is right here! Is the talent and performance management philosophy at your company "the grass is always greener?"

Talent Acquisition should stop looking for a unicorn and take care of the talent they have right now. Churn is the enemy yet few outside of HR are focused on retaining talent.

We fall victim to a 'grass is always greener' mindset. We discount our own people and elevate others we know much less about. What we should be doing is balancing the investment in our current talent with the effort required to onboard, train, and retain new talent.

When it comes to performance management our first reaction to missing metrics like revenue or ratings is to blame talent and/or their execution. We change sales managers or talent/anchors/reporters/producers before we take a hard look at strategy (lack thereof), format, or their resources.

In the interview process it's easy to find organizations that focus on their people and talent development. There are telltale signs we should look for before we are blinded by our ambition for status/title and salary / compensation. It starts long before we accept that role with the new company.

When you are in an interview and the interviewer turns to you and asks the obligatory question "so Susie/Sam, do you have any questions?" Use this opportunity to learn about the culture.

"So Mr/Ms Smith, do you do employee engagement or satisfaction surveys? Could you share with me the biggest takeaway from the most recent one? Not easy to ask graciously but it just might be the most important interview question you, a recruiter, or your agent has never asked.

In summary, the takeaways:

Before we give up on our people and create self-induced churn, we need to evaluate the potential outcomes of investing a little more in them, including training and resources. Put egos aside and look at the facts.

Before we accept that new job because of a title, status, or salary, we need to be completing at least a little due diligence on company culture and the investments they make in their people. There is a reason for all those 2 or 3 and outs. Put egos aside and look at the facts.

For more texture on managing your career in the ever changing media and entertainment industry, check out the TalentBlvd article by Mike McNamara titled:

TV News: The Future of the MMJ Journalist

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