Success is in the journey, not a destination

"Success is in the journey, not the destination" Two professionals can find themselves in the exact same place at very different points in careers. Their success is not defined by the chair they sit in today, it will be from what they do after sitting in it.

The experience, skills, and the network you develop over the course of your journey will be what determine not only your current destination, but future destinations as well.

For the early and mid career professional, ask any recruiter or talent acquisition professional what they are looking for in their next candidate and most will answer "SOS's". They are looking for a "Series of Successes". This is how you've used the journey to accumulate and leverage experience to develop a unique skill set. Then, how have you used these skills to change your destinations.

Depending on your career goals and objectives, being in a smaller market or role that significantly builds your career toolbox and your SOS's is much more valuable in the long run than getting comfort and stagnant in a larger role / market. The difference between market 75 and 35 is minimal. The difference between market 35 and 5 is monumental. I'll contend that you need to be managing the trajectory, not necessarily the destination.

This is the reason that TalentBlvd isn't a talent agency. It's an end-to-end talent development organization that focuses on the successes in your journey. We focus on the trajectory.

Check out our article "If I Were A MMJ Today" for more detail on this topic:

For late career professionals, your challenge using your journey and destinations to differentiate on two levels:

  1. From the wave of professionals behind you that have set their sights on your chair. In a world where "Young Hot and Cheap" is a recruiting strategy, how are you going to compete? The answer lies in your ability to build a timeless brand. Specifically, this means you've adopted changes in technology and social media and have bridged generations.

  2. From the other late career professionals with the exact same skills and experience. This is a game of musical anchor chairs. There are fewer and fewer available when the music stops. How do you make sure there is an open one for you? The best advice here is to make sure you are reaching both wide and deep in your market beyond the roles and responsibilities of your current role.

You can find much more on this topic in the TalentBlvd article "Age Is Just A Number" see:

In summary, regardless of where your current destination is, your ability to differentiate through your series of successful journeys and the people you touch will be the definition of your career success.

Credits: Quote: Arthur Ashe, Photo: KMOV, Meredith Corp, Samantha Jones, Steve Savard

About Mike McNamara:

Mike has held C-Suite, Executive and Senior Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and General Management roles with Equifax, Cox Enterprises, WW Grainger, and Federal-Mogul Corporation. Mike has led sales, service and operations organizations of over 1,500 associates and accountable for P&L responsibility in excess of $250M.

Dedicated to giving back, Mike formed The MBAR Group in 2009 with the sole intent of providing pro bono career and business consulting services to the underprivileged and underserved. Today as founder and CEO of TalentBlvd, he coaches a number of high profile business and media personalities as well as holding advisory board positions guiding a number of multimedia and small business startups.

Mike earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University. He is a past chapter President of the American Marketing Association. Mike and family split time between their adopted state of Missouri and family home in NW Michigan where their philanthropic causes include The Kingdom House – St Louis, BACN in Benzonia, MI., and Samaritan’s Purse, Boone NC.

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