Leaders Are The Light, Not In The Light

A strong self-assured leader is like these studios lights, well placed but hidden. They cast light and bring complete clarity on the efforts and accomplishments of their teams and organizations.

How does your team define leadership? When I sit down with team members and talk about their definition of leadership I predictably get many answers. If you listen closely, there is however one common denominator across all their replies.

Visibility. It's simple, great leaders are always visible, available, and are fully present. Live, video, Hangout or teleconference. Presence. They also create visibility and lift up the work of their teams without having to be at the center or out in front.

Just like those studio lights, always present but well hidden from the audience, target, or client. They say "don't look at me, look at this!" If you've never had a great, or even a good manager, tuck this one away in your career toolbox and remember those promotions, bonuses, awards, and Emmy's rarely come as a result of the efforts of a single person.

Next week might be the most difficult you'll ever face as a leader, it's like an exam you never studied for. Start by being present, over communicate, stay visible. Go ahead, be epic!

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