Now Is The Time To Invest In YOU and Not More Screen Time!

There is much unknown about what lies ahead and it's the unknown that fills us with fear. Two weeks ago we were passionate about our work and career. Now is not the time to become complacent about actively managing your career and miss time sensitive opportunity.

There are dozens of reasons that you'll use to convince yourself that now is not the right time to focus on your next role or moving up.

I've heard the reasons .......

"No one is hiring right now"

"Things are crazy, I'm exhausted"

"I had to set up a studio/office in my home"

"I'm way too busy"

Really? Go to your Apple screen time app for last couple weeks. Your screen time up? Where did that additional time come from?

Know the expression "buy low, sell high"? This is the 'low' and time to buy into yourself for career success. It's a great time to focus on something positive, why not on YOU?

Right now you should be:

1. Refining your craft and presentation skills.

2. Building a killer 3 min reel/resume.

3. Networking, getting that reel/resume in front of VP/ND's.

Listen, my screen time is down 7% and our client's reels/resumes are being looked at right now because we haven't stopped. How about yours?

This is the week to replace fear with ambition. You got this!

#mondaymotivation quote: Michel de Montaigne

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