Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Welcome to self-isolation and life on a blue screen. Now is a great time to be reminded that those comparisons you are making are a bigger thief of your joy than this damn virus.

The virus will pass, but the judgement made and the high bar that you set based on the fictional lives of others will forever leave you empty and dissatisfied.

Listen, that grass isn't always greener over there, you just might need to start spending more time watering what you've got.

In a recent eye opening client interview, a 28 year old expressed disappointment in her career progress. Her tone was heartbreaking actually. So with 30 yrs remaining in her career, she had concluded that she wasn't going to reach her goal of network morning show host because she hadn't advanced up market as fast as her friends from j-school.

YOUR takeaway to fulfillment in your career:

In order to leverage OUR strengths we first need to stop comparing ourselves to others and the unrealistic expectations created by agents and ego, all of which is exacerbated by social media. By leveraging your strengths and not focusing on your perceived weaknesses compared to other’s social media, you'll reach higher and farther in a long fruitful (and timeless) career.

photo: ‘Screenagers’ by Delany Ruster

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