Look left, look right, one of you will be gone next year ........

Look to the chair on your left, now look to the chair on the right. Numbers say one of you will be gone in the next year due to attrition and missed ad revenue forecast.

How can you make sure you win the game of career musical chairs?

1. If you wake up everyday thinking you are going to be discovered, you're not. Budget time to manage your career, it's an investment.

2. Make an assumption that everything you see is intentional. Become a better student. Be perpetually curious and intentional. Learn one new thing everyday.

3. There is a fork in the road ahead! You better identify multiple paths and contingencies. Your employer could be acquired, buy a competitor, or file bankruptcy. Are your skills timeless? transferable?

4. A career is not a sprint, its more like a marathon, 35 different yearly sprints, one after another. They all will require grit. Look, at 32 years old you are less than 1/3 into your career. Embrace the 'suck' and move forward with courage.

5. A career is full of 'Push and Pulls'. The most important concept on this page is the need to invest in your network, cultivating sponsors, and advocates. You need to manage both the push and the pull to your next role.

Check out my article: "If I Were A MMJ/Reporter Today I Would ....." https://lnkd.in/ep4c2gh

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