Playing Time is Key!

It's weekends that you'll find the up and comers driving hard toward the next step 'up market' and these weekend warriors are no exception. They'll also be the ones working Friday evenings or holidays. They know playing time is key! How do they feel about getting up at 1:30 am on a Saturday morning. Go take a look at their social media and they aren't complaining, they're celebrating opportunity! Those reps at 6 am on Sunday or Friday at 11 pm are what make a 25 or 50 DMA jump possible. I chuckle when I see those Friday night TGIF posts and I'm thinking huh, sleep lightly because in 6 hours the young guns are coming after your seat. I'm not saying that we don't need some down time to reset and refresh. Recharge is very helpful, even necessary. What I am advocating is that in an industry in contraction, you never pass up an opportunity to engage a client, audience, or someone that can be influential in your career. Next, if your contract expires shortly, these opportunities are helpful to keep you visible but listen, if you think you're going to 'be discovered' sitting on your couch, you will not. You may or may not be successful getting in front of a hiring manager every Sat morning but you'll 100% miss the opportunity you never take.

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