Success is in the Journey, not the Destination!

"Success is in the journey, not the destination" Two pros can find themselves in the exact same place at very different points in careers. Their success is not defined by the chair they sit in today, it will be from what they do after sitting in it. The experience, skills, and the network you develop over the course of your journey will be what determine not only your current destination, but future destinations as well. For the early and mid career professional, it's how you use your destinations to change your trajectory. Check out: "If I Were A MMJ Today" for more detail: For late career pros, your challenge is to differentiate from the wave of pros behind you that have set their sights on your chair. In a world where "Young Hot and Cheap" is a recruiting strategy, how are you going to compete? The answer lies in your ability to build a timeless brand. You can find more on topic in the TalentBlvd article "Age Is Just A Number" see: In summary, your ability to differentiate through your journey and the people you touch will be the definition of your career success. Full article: Photo cred: KMOV, The Weather Channel, AZFamily, WSBTV

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