Tomorrow Is A Gift, Not A Promise.

On July 17, 2016 a young and very gifted anchor/reporter contacted me about working with her on her career development. I was immediately struck with how kind, polite, and gracious this young lady was. She was a special one. As we began to establish a drumbeat, she would talk about our common passion for the outdoors, hiking and exploring trails, me in my native Michigan, her in the Carolina's. She was in fact, headed for a few days away for her birthday with friends. The day before her birthday, Taylor had a tragic accident on that trip and left us way too soon. I had just met her, only working with her for a couple days. The lost was crushing. To her family and longtime friends, and there were many, it was unbearable. When this day pops up in my calendar it's always an important reminder that we need to: 1. Cherish every moment you have to love, and to be loved by others. Tomorrow is a gift, not a promise 2. Always encourage others to reach out, network, and connect. That next call could be from someone as special as Taylor Terrell and you don't ever want to miss an opportunity as precious as that. Be Bold. Be Great. Be a Taylor Terrell. #RIPT2

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