Is Your Ambition Holding You Hostage?

"We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something we are no longer free." Is your drive for a bigger market or stage holding you hostage? We can never let our ambition make us so blind that we miss warning signs or important forks in the road. We should be constantly surveying the landscape to make sure our skills are transferable to other industries and roles. This includes multiple paths. That said, think about the path chosen as part of a decision tree, and some of these paths are irreversible and have consequences. Answer this questions: What are the top 2 trends in your industry? How will they impact your role in the next 24 months and how are you adapting? Example, MMJ's are here to stay. Can you write, shoot, edit, track? You a photog, a traditional reporter? Guess what's coming? We can't let ambition and traditional career tracks lead us to a dead end or a timed out. We must think about career development as both deep and wide. It's a balance that requires perpetually scanning our environment and making high quality decisions. Check out this Mike McNamara article aptly titled "Career Trouble. It Starts With A Ripple":": quote: Jiddu Krishnamurti #talentblvd #agent #talentagent #coach #mentor #mentoringmatters

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