Everything was great, then came COVID

You are 28-30 years old and you finally got a seat at the table, your opportunity to shine. Then comes the coronavirus pandemic and your contract is coming up to be renewed. Yikes! What you need to think about is .... perspective. In order to be successful over the next few months you'll need perspective and the last place you'll find it is in your friend's Facebook news feed and Instagram stories. You were 9 yrs old for 9/11. Even younger during the panic of Y2k. 15 for the Great Recession. People freaked. The predicted end of the world has come and gone many times. Three things I'll tell my clients today: 1. Slow down. Nothing is going to happen in the next ten minutes or ten hours that is going to change trajectory. Think first, don't type. 2. Find context. Yes, people will succumb to this virus. On the other hand, a 37 yr old gave this advice after one week with the virus "get ready to binge watch Netflix" 3. Social media is as much your foe as your friend. Do Not Overreact. History was not kind to Chicken Little nor will your audience, clients, and employer be to you should you lose your ____ on social media. Take a break from the noise of social media and adopt a 360 view because so few things in your career are as linear as you think they are.

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