No such thing as the perfect reel ......

Your reel. It's not how perfectly it's created and assembled, it's how you make them feel after they've clicked on it. . We're frequently overheard telling clients that there is no such thing as a perfect demo reel BUT there is the perfect reel for them. It's about visually leveraging strengths and not about finding the best of our weaknesses. Keni Mac woke up one day and put together the perfect reel .... for her. If you have ever met her you know these few minutes capture who she is, not what she is. We all spend way too much time chasing perfect and forgetting about the audience. What your audience wants is not 8-10 minutes of footage that checks all the boxes. They want to feel your attitude and aptitude. Kendra McNamara is not for everyone. Keni has something that we can't teach, and she shows it. She's not afraid to courageously seek out the right VP/GM/ND and the opportunity to make people smile. Go ahead, click and not smile, we dare you!


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