Comparison is the Thief of Joy in your Career!

"When you refuse to believe you have to be better than everybody else, you have an amazing chance to be better than you ever thought you could be"

We all work with ambitious young talent that measure their success, or even their self worth, by the DMA # they work in, right? How about the Talent or the Agent posts boasting about the number of DMA's jumped in their recent career transition? Why?

Numbers allow us to make comparisons and we measure our success compared to others based on DMA#. It's this comparison that ultimately becomes the thief of joy in our careers. Our addiction to social media platforms is fueled by that comparison and it is seriously destructive to our personal accomplishments.

Our portfolio is blessed with talent like Cassandra Sweetman who never set goals based on DMA #'s or others they see on Facebook. They focus on developing their strengths not developing weaknesses based on the social media strengths of others. As a result, these TalentBlvd clients get progressively stronger every day.

Cassandra is like a breath of fresh air. Her joy comes from living simply with a focus on being the best version of herself. Her thief of joy will never be a market number or what someone else is doing on the 'gram.

Quote/Photo: Ken Venturi, Cassandra Sweetman

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