Don't pick a Job. Pick a Boss. WRONG!

This sounds good and feels spot on but it actually can be the worst advice to give young talent looking for their first job and their ability to launch a successful career. Here's why .....

In that first role your toolbox is nearly empty. Your ability to differentiate is limited. Building your toolbox at this point is largely up to you, not your boss. You aren't going to be exposed to the real gamechangers in your career, yet.

Me? 21 bosses in 35 years. Do the math. Your boss relationship is a function of tenure, you and your boss's. We've all picked a boss and 6 months later found ourselves in a very different relationship.

TalentBlvd advice:

1. Yes, pick a boss you feel you can work with. In the interview process you'll be asked behavioral questions. Turn the tables, have two 'what if' questions in your pocket.

2. Culture is a better predictor of your success than a boss. Once that boss has moved on, then what? There are 7 things you should look for before saying 'YES' to that job offer. You can find them here:

Yes, the first boss is important but a confining culture and dead end job is a much bigger career killer than a first boss. Due diligence is key and the boss is just one important piece.


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