Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming!

Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming!

Everyday there is another analyst or consultant weighing in on how local TV can survive. Forget about the station for a moment, how are YOU going to survive? Ever think about your employer as your competition?

There are misaligned pieces in any industry supply chain and certainly local TV has it's share. For example the 1-2-3 year contracting model with the unintended consequences of increased churn, higher station payroll, and lower take home pay for talent.

Survival for talent is dependent upon your ability to adapt, staying inside the industry while keeping one foot outside. Change is inevitable and being able to navigate and become timeless is key. Taking your competencies across channels and markets will be critical for your future success. Moving up shouldn't be your only option.

Check out this quick #TuesdayMotivation read on why (Market) Size Doesn't Matter:


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