Half of You Will Be Leaving Your Job This Year. Are You Prepared Though?

Nearly half of the people reading this post will be leaving their job this year. It's not a question, industry data confirms it. The question however is are you prepared to do so?

There are 5 things you need to be incorporating into your career planning process right now. They are:

1. Start to prep for the inevitable. Clean up your social media, focus on your references and network, construct a solid elevator pitch.

2. Write, Produce, Direct, and Promote the Movie “My Career” Focus on reels, resumes, profiles that tell the story.

3. Bigger the Base, the Taller your Career Pyramid. Start exploring cross functional experiences. Learn to write, edit, produce, or shoot.

4. You’ll Need Help. Start building a support network. Find a mentor, coach, or some other advocate.

5. Quality and Results Matter. Leverage your strengths and stop focusing on developing your weaknesses. Remember that 'average' is the best of the worst and the worst of the best!

Takeaway: Details can be found on the www.TalentBlvd.com blog and resource tabs. If you are a MMJ, you NEED to be showcased on the site. TalentBlvd takes all MMJ's with or without an agent.

Check out: https://lnkd.in/e5rPrVv and follow @TalentBlvd on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talentboulevard


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