Hey, That Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here!

"Hey, that unicorn you're looking for is right here, it's me and all I need is an opportunity to shine!" Shifting your attention to developing talent, not promoting churn, could be your biggest win 2021. Why?

It's damn expensive, destroys employee engagement, and you need the $$ for program/product development.

Are you spending the same energy to develop and retain your people as you are to replace them? Did you know it cost $20,000 - $30,000 to replace that contract you didn't renew?

Also, when you let your best people walk it leads to disengagement. Hypothetically, $3m in payroll and 10% are disengaged because you let your top performer Susie Smith walk. Another $300K?

Today's challenge is how do you develop a program/product that addresses channel shift and attracts new audience/clients? You probably have a tendency to swap out talent to better align with what you think you need. Be honest.

The reality is that if you retained and engaged your current talent you would have ten's or hundred's of thousand of incremental dollars to spend on new program/product development. Maybe even give raises?

The math? Check out: https://lnkd.in/eYuv9Ne


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