"I started looking for my next job on the first day of my new job"

This advice is a hard lesson learned and is almost always recognized too late.

It was this week a bunch of years ago that I was terminated from a job I loved. I had small kids, a huge mortgage, car payments, and it was two weeks before Christmas.

During that cold dark Friday night drive home to tell my family I lost my job was when I recognized one of the most valuable lessons of my career. Like so many reading this post know, many times it comes like a thief in the night.

I frequently get messages that go like this ..... "thanks Mike but I just started a new job, let's reconnect in a year or two" Here's what I feel compelled to tell you (that you already know):

1. Your contract favors your employer, by a lot. There's a very false sense of security in that piece of paper.

2. There is incredible industry consolidation today. You on the buy side, better. You're on sell side? Hmmmm

3. Ad revenue drives EVERYTHING, sales guys look nervous? uh oh.

4.. Your network is your career equity. LinkedIn, TalentBlvd etc. DON'T slow down because you started a new job. It's a great time to leverage new contacts!

So, what are you doing right now to increase your carer equity? Follow TalentBlvd on LinkedIn as well: shorturl.at/ikluR

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