It's Not About YOU or THEM, It's About The US!

Professional and business relationships aren't all that much different than our personal relationships. There are three components; you, them, and the 'US'. It's the 'US' piece that largely gets overlooked when things get bad.

"The company did this, my manager said that, or my role changed after I got there" (I hear that A LOT). We have a tendency to forget about the 'US' from both sides of the relationship and the finger pointing starts.

As a talent manager I find that one of the biggest blind spots of talent is the lack of accountability to the 'US'. Look, if you aren't committed to change you aren't being a partner. Nothing is static in 2020!

On the company side we have a tendency to be so metric/goal driven that we forget that it's people that make a difference. When you move talent from Nightside to Dayside it makes a HUGE difference to a single parent. How would a partner help that transition?

Successful relationships, whether personal or professional, always have a partnership defined by how both parties adapt to change to accommodate the 'US'.

My beautiful wife and I joke that we haven't been married 36 years. We've faced so much change together that it's more like we've been married for one year, 36 times. Maybe it's just a commitment to the 'US'


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