Sometimes The Best Career Move Isn't Forward

Sometimes when you are trying to successfully navigate a career, the best and maybe the only next step, might be moving laterally. It may seem like a step back or a career 'time out' but it can have significant benefits.

1. There are times when you just need clean air because of a bad culture or senior managerial fit at a local or business unit level. Moving out from under what feels oppressive and holding you back can be like being born again.

2. Another lane is moving faster than the one you are in. It might be technology or industry or structure. Some organizations have more resource and opportunity because of strategic importance. It can also be about greater visibility or market position.

Not all business units or stations are created equal. You may find you're much better off at the market leader in a smaller operation with a bigger client or audience base than a perpetual No. 4 out of 4.

Check out my weekend read here on If you are in the Broadcast News business, see the article:

"(Market) Size Doesn't Always Matter":

Photo cred: Alex Honnold on Thank God Ledge, Yosemite taken by Jimi Chin

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