The Greatest Immediate Threat To Your Career Is WFH

The greatest immediate threat to a successful career transition for the media/multimedia talent today isn't the actual virus or economy, it's working from home. Why?

Having coached, mentored, and managed professionals in the midst of career transition for more than 10 years, the biggest stumbling block we face is current relevant content.

Think about the challenge 'back in the day', it was the dreaded gap in the resume you had to address. Today when we take on new clients, this is one of the easier hurdle to get over. The greatest, and sometimes insurmountable hurdle is the lack of digital/HD content to build a resume or reel.

Having watched a number of local anchor/reporter talents that have worked from home for the past 6 months, I can't help to think of the black hole they are going to have to deal with in their reel.

Regardless of what you might be told by your ND or agent, grainy WFH content or muffled mask tracking is not acceptable for your reel.

TAKEAWAY: Reels don't win jobs, but they DO open doors to interviews. There is no interview without that reel or resume. If your contract is up in the next 6 months, fight to get solid studio or remote content NOW! Trust me, the next step in your career is dependent on it.

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